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Hello! I'm LiveCanvas

If you generally hate page builders, check me out.

LiveCanvas is the only page builder which outputs superclean, Bootstrap4-compliant HTML5 code, which you can refine via a built-in live code editor.  

A single plugin to turn your new, vanilla WordPress install into a website building powerhouse.

Engineered for performance

Packed as a super small (<100kb gzipped) WordPress plugin, LiveCanvas will allow you to build great web pages that effectively communicate your message while keeping low weight. No extra CSS or JS bloat added. Just pure Bootstrap4.

Empowering you to be really responsive

Fulfilling the responsive promise means being able to  effectively deliver your message to your audience, through any kind of device. LiveCanvas allows you to visually check what's happening on each breakpoint with ease, while you are working on your project. Build things right from the start instead  of correcting countless glitches afterwards.


Use standard blocks or build your own

LiveCanvas helps you build great web pages visually combining HTML snippets that we call "blocks". It allows you to get started immediately using readymade blocks, or building your custom ones. No limit to your creativity!

It works with tools you can trust:
WordPress and UnderStrap.

You'll never walk alone


An incredible tool for Web professionals.
A page builder, an HTML editor, freeing your creative soul.
 If you love WordPress and Bootstrap 4, this is for you.

Light Footprint

A complete, turnkey solution for web page building, yet feather-light. Zero additional plugins required. 

Top Performance

Build sites on a solid, minimalist foundation:
WordPress and the UnderStrap Theme. The LiveCanvas plugin adds no extra JS or CSS!

Get rid of handcuffs! 

Most WordPress themes or page builders force you to reason strictly following their logic. You are here to enjoy a higher level of freedom. Coders invited!

100% Frontend based

Click texts and images to edit them. It will feel much better than fiddling in the backend to find out which hidden option panel changes that label.

Safety first: editing history 

LiveCanvas makes good use of the standard WordPress revisions handling: you can always go back in the case you can mess up your work.

Include your own Shortcodes

Integrate your favourite, well-known shortcodes and widgets into your custom designed pages.

Visual Building and Scaffolding

Enabling an easy workflow to prototype and perfect wonderful mobile-ready web pages.

Refine and edit HTML

Experiment all the HTML and CSS code samples you can find on the Web, and give it a try inside LiveCanvas. You have no set boundaries.

Create your own blocks

Build your own local library of custom HTML snippets to reuse through your projects.


LiveCanvas just requires a recent install of WordPress and the Chrome Web browser.

Made with LiveCanvas

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$ 79 .00 /Yearly
  • Build Unlimited Websites
  • Bootstrap: 4
  • Updates for 1 Year
  • Support for 1 Year
$ 299 .00 /One Time
  • Build Unlimited Websites
  • Bootstrap: 4
  • Updates for LIFETIME
  • Support for LIFETIME

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