Quickly build
WordPress sites.

The Page Builder for beginner and professional webmasters.

Meet BBE, the Bootstrap Building Engine for WordPress.

The page builder for the rest of us

BBE is a WordPress Theme that includes a powerful page builder / IDE.

It allows responsive web page building at the speed of light;
start from scratch or from readymade templates, and customize to perfection.
The built-in Ace editor allows safe code tweaks of all elements.

Unlike other builders,
BBE talks open standards

so you can copy and paste HTML and CSS snippets
from around the web onto your pages,
seeing the result live on the frontend...

And you can instantly view or tweak the whole HTML your custom-crafted page.

PS: If you are a pure HTML designer,
BBE will be the missing link between you and Wordpress.

Combining the power of Bootstrap, WordPress and some HTML5 concepts, BBE will be your platform of choice to develop your next website - without leaving the site frontend. Watch the video below.

Build your page combining tested, readymade Components...

Easily divide your webpage into blocks - and fill them with with readymade "components", which are quality, responsive HTML snippets. 
Quick and effective.

Discover how much time you can save, not having to reinvent the wheel everyday you need to publish a beautiful, mobile ready, original webpage.

While being free to customize everything at your will! 

A Live HTML Editor allows you to experiment code changes to a given block [or to the whole page if you wish] while instantly seeing the accurate result on the page.  

One more thing: while editing one block's html code, you 're not risking to mess up the rest of the page's HTML code. Even if you close a couple more DIVs. BBE will clean up the mess for you and do some indentation work.

Get started immediately

Just download and activate the theme. Create a new page and follow the on-screen instructions.
You'll fall in love in no time!

Light Footprint, top performance

 BBE is a complete, turnkey solution for web page building, yet feather-light. Zero plugins required. 
Sa y goodbye to heavy Web Page Builders that slow down your server and your productivity.

Get rid of handcuffs!

Most WordPress themes or page builders force you to reason strictly following their logic. You are here to enjoy a higher level of freedom. Coders invited too here.

Edit Content, Labels, Images, directly from the Frontend!  

Click or double-click texts and images to edit them. It will feel much better than fiddling in the backend to find out which hidden option panel changes that slider.

Safety first: HTML editing history

BBE makes good use of the standard WordPress revisions handling:  you can always go back in the case you can mess up your work.

Include your own Shortcodes and Widgets

Extend your toolbox with all the usual suspects: you can easily place your favourite, well-known shortcodes and widgets into your custom designed pages.

Good artists copy, great artists paste

Now you aren't limited to the WP content editor anymore, you can fully design your original pages, edge to edge, with a full fledged live HTML editor. Experiment all the HTML and CSS code samples you can find on the Web, and give it a try inside BBE. 

SEO optimised code

BBE helps you build a light, solid HTML code just like the Google spiders like to crawl. And if it's not enough, you can still tweak it at your will and take it where YOU want.

Responsive Design made easy

Powered by Bootstrap v3.3.6, all the provided readymade components  are natively responsive...enabling an easy workflow to prototype and perfect wonderful mobile-ready web pages. Deliver your message properly to all platforms! You have no excuse now.

UnSplash Integration

Search for high quality images directly from the BBE editing interface. Instantly incorporate royalty free, CC0 images on your webpages. Watch Video

One-Click readymade Templates

Having a few readymade bullets will save you great time. We test all stuff with utmost care on all devices - so your mobile phones appreciate!

Fonts and Typography

 Add your own taste to Bootstrap's style! Easily assign Google Fonts (via Customizer) to your headings and body text.

It behaves like a standard, clean WordPress Theme.

It supports the standard WP Theme Customizer, allowing full control of all template elements.

It can be instantly skinned activating Bootswatch styles

It does not take a genius to quickly achieve a neat color palette. Just use the Theme Customizer. Styling with CSS Hero is possible too thanks to the built in support.

BBE gives you edge-to-edge, full control on every page element.

It's clean structure, coupled with a powerful page builder, allows you to do wonderful things, in a few clicks.
And It feels good to be in full control upon the generated HTML code, which can be edited, and tweaked live from the frontend.

It fights bloat, but it provides some butter, too.

Packing with enough "stamina" to build a great site - without requiring plugins.

It aims to revolutionize how real developers look at page builders.

 And, much  more than that, it can help newbies turn into developers. We don't assume page builders are for newbies only.

It's meant to be like training wheels for web designers.

While making it possible to build without writing code, it encourages code hacking and creative tinkering.
BBE is the perfect platform to grow and develop your skills, while doing your daily job efficiently.