Introducing BBE 1.3: an integrated experience for web designers, search CC0 images by keyword!

By Jeff,

After months of hard work we finally have some hot news for all our BBE Theme users!
This ambitious update is focused in making the BBE Theme an inspiration powerhouse; it introduces built-in UnSplash image search and lots of radical enhancements. We’ve been listening to user feedback to push the boundaries of our web-crafting tool to new horizons.
You can now find lots of inspiration within BBE – letting you build sites like never before.
Let’s dive straight in and discover the new features:

Integrated Image Search: UnSplash Search by Keyword

Finding great images for websites is always a PITA. Now you can search and incorporate royalty free, CC0, high quality images directly from the BBE editing interface. A welcome feature that allows you to prototype your sites at light speed, thanks to the wonderful archive at UnSplash.com

Of course, if you want, you’re still allowed to retouch the HTML code afterwards – as always in BBE.

Revamped components browser

The components browser interface, where you can look for the right building blocks to build your site, has been totally redesigned.
Besides being prettier and more usable, It is now draggable, so it won’t get in your way while working.
Here’s what it looks like:

Inspirational categories for your dummy media

A simple way to get smart placeholder images that match with the theme of the website you’re designing.
A quick starting point for demos! Watch the video to grasp the simple logic behind it.

Better component editing tools

We’ve completely redesigned the editing windows for the sake of contextuality, usability and design speed.
Editing buttons, icons, maps, progress bars, background images is easier than ever.
As you know, while editing with the BBE live editor, each block has a contextual menu [in Purple].
This menu will show customized editing tools depending on the chosen object – in the video below, we start showing how you can edit an Accordion panels’ color.
Other objects will reveal their editing tools just  by double clicking the object itself (as the Icons in the second part of the video below).

Responsive Media Embeds

Allowing real responsive embedding  of content from Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, SoundCloud, MixCloud and more web content providers.

This feature is available inside the BBE live editor for PRO users only – but regular free users will be happy to know that real responsive embedding is available in ordinary posts and pages. We care about responsive embeds – and we’ve blogged a bit about it.

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