Why BBE: Aims and Philosophy

By Jeff,

Let’s step back a bit and talk about the reasons that brought us here, just for a couple of minutes – we hope you won’t fall asleep. Sometimes a story needs to be told with a bit of a background, otherwise some sense of it is lost. In case you’re in a hurry, you can definitely jump to the next post: Getting started with BBE: Hands-on introduction.

It all starts with love


The first line of code I wrote…was some BASIC on this 1986 amazing IBM PC Convertible: the first battery-powered computer. We didn’t have Retina MacBooks at the time! 

I always loved computers. I couldn’t really understand why, but I definitely remember falling in love with them as I was a child.
I was fascinated by those machines, but  I could never really imagine which would have been their real, mainstream use,  until the Internet took over.
Remote communication is one of the most important needs of men since the stoneage –  that’s why my interest for computers pretty soon turned into in a web design love affair.

Websites are virtual places which can map a new reality into our minds – delivering every year a more and more immersive multimedia experience in a way that feels like travelling without moving – something magic for the human being in my view.

Having been involved in website crafting since nearly two decades, I’ve been experiencing all the path from DreamWeaver HTML Horror / Frames / early CSS / PHP / WordPress / Today’s advanced page builders.
Wow! That’s quite an amazing journey… the average webmaster’s workflow has evolved quite a lot in the latest 20 years – and the pace of this evolution  does not seem to get any slower, with so many Frameworks and Languages emerging.
Similarly to how you can tell a story to a friend  in a thousand different ways, today it’s possible to build the very same website in a ton of different ways – using (or ditching…) different platforms, frameworks, themes, plugins, languages…you name it!
Ideally,  we’d want to achieve two things: a great result, and an enjoyable journey.

Enjoy the journey, AND the destination

That would be a good mantra for many things, and for web design especially.

So what? Are these Webpage editing tools making my workflow any better?


Geeks invited here!

We all know how much web page building tools  have evolved in the latest years, bringing constant innovation in the Website/Web page Building niche – but yet often, the process still feels like losing a lot of time.
For so many people like probably you and me, WordPress has been an incredibly valuable tool for building successful websites. It’s almost-infinite theme and plugin variety can definitely be your friend – but sometimes your nightmare too.
If you’ve been bulding WordPress sites for long enough, you surely know where heavy plugins and overcomplicated themes will bring: to an unmaintainable website, heavy and slow performance-wise, and time-consuming to tweak.
On the opposite side, the “I can custom-code it all” approach can bring good results, given that you are a great developer, or you’re able to closely work with an experienced one… but it’s heavily resource-consuming, in terms of time and money spent.
It is a long way sometimes, and results are not 100% guaranteed: it takes skills, fantasy, loads of testing and experience.
Many people resort to page building tools – in their quest for a tool that should in theory let you stay focused on the message itself – rather than on the technical side of the issue.
if you have ever tried these kinds of tools, and have some uber-basic familiarity with HTML code, you will definitely know what I mean in the following paragraph.

Handcuffs. Nobody loves them, except policemen.


If you ever wore these, we do really hope it was just for fun purpose!

Using average page builders sometimes feels like having handcuffs on your wrists – they can be a design help to get started – but you may feel limited in not being able to fully customize the HTML code of components.
I felt Web professionals were lacking a centralized, intuitive, instant – deploy Web creation tool to make Web page creation a natural, streamlined process.
As a former usability professional, I cannot hide you that high quality Web design needs an iterative approach.

A typical process is to Draft a suitable page structure for your goal, and later re-touch what you’ve built, improving all the details you can understand only when you’ve actually tested the page. Learn from your user’s frequent mistakes, understand to deliver your message in the clearest and most effective way, be it changing some text or reworking the whole page structure.
Optionally, rinse and repeat. Iterative design is a time consuming task that needs a suitable “spoon”.

That’s why a valorous team been conducting a two year adventure building a new tool, which represents a radically new answer to the Website Creation problem – offering a turnkey, complete solution with many competitive advantages. It’s a WordPress Theme that can skyrocket your productivity, helping you reuse good, standardized practices, while giving you wings to help you quickly go fly  to the “destination” of your choice.
We built it for ourselves as first – and now it is available to you.

Enter the world of BBE: a place where things just work. Given that you’re just a bit tidy.

checkOkBBE is a WordPress Theme which is more like a rich web application focused on building quickly beautiful, successful websites, with some unique twists.
Leveraging some really useful HTML5 paradigms, we think that BBE can be a real workflow revolution for all those folks – like you and me – who want to be super-productive in building original, cool web pages in a snap – but still be able to tweak everything via HTML code.
Actually, BBE has been created with an ambitious aim in mind: to be the only page builder  to please from rookies to experienced developers.

BBE is powerful – but not overweight

overweightCurrent website builders feel clunky when you’re experienced in coding – not to talk about the HTML code mess that results from most of them. The performance aspect is interesting too: those average page builder plugins/themes are so heavily database-driven that the server performance hit is noticeable.
Yes, you can get around with caching, but it still sucks. Being overweight does never feel so great.
Most WP “power tools” like Frameworks, Builders, Monstruous themes – load a lot of bloat onto your website.
Megabytes and megabytes of things you don’t end up fully using: that’s the ugly truth. Discover a new kind of tool that does not need you to put rocks inside your luggage.

The Unique Value Proposition of the BBE Team

We felt there was a lack in the current WP ecosystem, a tool which would make the Website Developing process:

  • enjoyable
  • flexible
  • safe for newbies but uber-hackable for those who talk code.

Making possible for a newbie to feel at home building a nice simple website, but also the perfect playground to grow exercise HTML / CSS coding skills.

For those who know, sky’s the limit.
In a nutshell, it’s a super light WordPress Theme – not requiring any extra plugin to help you develop a great, mobile-ready website.
While making it possible to build nice web pages without writing code, it actually encourages code hacking – it’s meant to be like training wheels for a web designers.
Happy enough? We hope you’ll  enjoy BBE as much as we do.

Get started now!

There’s no free lunch, but as of a free Theme, maybe 🙂
See if BBE tastes right for you: there are good chances, we hope!
You can download it for free from our Homepage.
In case you’ve already downloaded the BBE Theme, you can move on to the next post: Getting started with BBE: Hands-on introduction.


The DopeWP Team

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