BBE Theme Documentation
Customizing the Theme

The BBE Theme provides extensive customization features. As you may expect, everything is done on the frontend, via the standard  WordPress “Customizer” interface. Like most modern educated monkeys, we don’t like backend panels.
Even better, BBE kindly supports the Visible Edit Shortcuts WP 4.7 feature to help you immediately grasp how to get started editing every site section.
Here’s the full list of the options that you can customize via  the easy, standard, [c[lean customization interface that pops out directly on your website hitting the “Customize” link on the gray classic WordPress top admin bar.

  • Site Identity: Title, Tagline [hideable], Logo, Icon
  • Colors: Background Color, Links Color, Menubar & Footer Background Color
  • Styling: BootStrap Theme, including options to instantly implement BootSwatch palettes or custom CSS files
  • Fonts Customization: Easily assign Google Fonts (more than 600!) to your headings and body text.
  • Background Image –  Background Image Size (cover/contain/inherit)
  • Navigation Bar: Positioning (fixed/static top/bottom), Inverse Color Scheme
  • Two menus can be assigned on the left and the right sides of the main navigation bar and easily administrated.
  • Footer:  ending footer text (to remove the credit link) and the number of  widgets you want to accommodate in the footer (2,3,4 or 6 widgets)
  • Widgets for sidebar and footer
  • Static Front Page as you might expect
  • Hide unneeded author/date/meta fields in single post templates and in archive pages (categories, tags, etc.)
  • Multiple, alternative (4) archive templates
  • Automatic Lightbox which can be disabled
  • Optional Related Posts [by Category] on Single Posts

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