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Extending BBE: Creating a Child Theme

As the first blog post dedicated to developers, no worries: if you have no familiarity with PHP or CSS at least, and wired keyboards, this information is not for you – and not necessary to know.

For all those folks who want to  hack / modify / enhance a WordPress Theme it’s pretty clear that using Child Themes is a pretty obvious choice when you want to extend and customize in a clean, lean, upgradable, but hard-core-if-you-need way.

The basic idea behind the concept of Child Themes is inheritance: in a nutshell, you can override what you want, without touching the original files. A basic, but powerful concept.
There are so many reasons for us geeks to  fall in love with the whole child themes concept of WordPress, that today’s gift for you is a blank, easy to tweak, Starter Child Theme for BBE.

Get it now

You can download it here.

Yes, it’s just supposed to put a nasty red border around your page

It’s function is to demonstrate how you can add your own CSS, JS, PHP – and extend BBE.
Activating the Theme, it will make your pages have a red fat border just as a demo – tweak and extend it to do whatever.
The folder structure of this demo child theme as simple as possible:

To add your own CSS, hack the “style.css” file.
To add your own JS, hack the “main.js” file.
To add your own PHP, hack the “functions.php” file.

You won’t get lost. If you’re reading this, you should know how to make good use of ’em. Hack it all the way and have fun!

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