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Hiding the Main Menu Bar

In some situations, like when crafting squeeze or landing pages, you may want to hide the main menu bar – in case you don’t want to allow the visitor to easily navigate away from the current page.
Achieving this on the BBE theme is fast and easy and can be done on a site-wide basis or on a single post / page basis.

How to hide the menu bar selectively on one page / post

If you want to hide the menu bar on a specific page or post:

Edit the page/post of choice,
entering the standard WordPress single post editing screen,
and add a custom field named bbe_hide_menu and set it’s value to 1

After saving (updating) the post, and visiting it’s public page, you will see that the menubar went away 😉

How to globally hide the menu bar (site-wide)

If you want to disable the menu bar on the whole website:

Click the Customize link from the top WordPress admin bar
Choose the “Main Navigation Bar” section on the left.
In the “Navbar Position” dropdown, choose the “No Navbar” option.

The Main Navigation Bar will disappear on all pages of your site.

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