Welcome, BBE 1.2: introducing Cloud-based Templates

By Jeff,

We’re happy to announce a massive update to the BBE Theme; this of course is relevant for both free and PRO users. Let’s bring on the big news first:

Our loyal Pro users can now enjoy a powerful new feature allowing access to our cloud-based Template Directory.

The average webmaster knows what the “Template” word means. It’s sometimes candy, sometimes the root of all evil. Let’s dig deeper into our rethinked vision of this classic paradigm.

Premium Templates for PRO users: Fast and Powerful

After upgrading to BBE 1.2, the “Templates” feature allows to connect to a central repository of “Templates“.
This feature can greatly help the process of authoring a new web page. After choosing a Template,  and applying it with one click, it comes down to tweaking things to your taste and available media.
Editing texts and images requires simple, direct double-clicking – and if you fancy editing the HTML code, BBE’s an incredible help.

Templates” in our world are responsive, Bootstrap-based, “BBE-compliant” HTML pages – minus the header and footer.

Header and footer are still under the governance of the standard WordPress features of Menus and Widgets – as you might easily expect.
As of today, there are seven published templates and many more are coming. You can preview our work on the “upgrade to PRO” page.
We’re hunting for quality, not quantity – and we’re focused in making your life easier, building a library of responsive, live editable “readymade” web pages to suit various needs.
We test our templates on mobile devices – and try to go “the extra mile” regarding responsive support, ensuring that your mobile users will have a great experience.
You don’t need to download or install anything. Technically, the BBE Theme pulls data remotely from our Templates Cloud.
It happens all within your browser, without even tinkering with your server – to maximize speed and compatibility.
This cloud-based approach allows us to deliver more value to our product without making it any heavier.

Major and Minor Theme Tweaks and Fixes

Free [and PRO] users will be happy to know that some enhancements and spring cleaning have been done to the Theme, fixing a variety of small bugs and providing a number of small UX enhancements.
An unordered list of general Theme  improvements:

  • Text editing: TinyMCE now triggers more easily on WYSIWYG text editable regions. More Components now support WYSIWYG editing (eg. Tabs).
  • Button / Links: in the Modal window that allows link / button editing, a convenient option to eliminate the button altogether has been added.
  • New gradients (71 total background patterns) can be applied to containers via the Contaner Properties window
  • Footer template: cleaned up from some little inline  Javascripts for Twitter and Facebook sharing
  • Video background component CSS fixed for latest Chrome compatibility
  • When adding a fixed background image via the Container Properties panel, now the fixed background is applied only to desktop devices, preventing a typical iPhone / iPad problem
  • Sorting columns and blocks should now leave your code clean

We hope this new upgrade will make you guys more productive than ever!

About the upgrading process

Upgrading should be pretty straightforward – just download, unzip and replace the bbe folder inside your wp-content/themes folder. Nothing special.
NOTE: All the above is true provided you didn’t modify files inside the  BBE theme folder – please remember to use child themes instead next time you want to modify a theme somehow.

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