Welcome, BBE 1.4: Customizer galore!

By Jeff,


We are SO happy to announce you a new version of the BBE WordPress Theme, bringing some really hot features to the table. We have been working hard for two months to provide you some really tangible improvements in many areas:

• A simpler interface for editing links, icons, text – pretty much all!

• Easily assign Google Fonts (via Customizer) to your headings and body text

• Easily hide unneeded author/date/meta fields in templates (via Customizer)

• Multiple, alternative (4) archive templates (via Customizer)

• Built in Comments anti-spam

• Updated Lightbox with improved touch usability

• Optional Related Posts [by Category] on Single Posts (via Customizer)

• Post Carousel Shortcode

• More Icons available in the Live Editor, including FontAwesome 4.7

• Supports the Post Type Templates WP 4.7 feature so you can assign a BBE-powered template to specific posts.

• Supports the Visible Edit Shortcuts WP 4.7 feature to help you understand better where to get started with the Customizer

• Lots of speed and reliability improvements

• Premium Users: Allows support for more components…Timelines, Progress Bars, Pricing Table, Modal Button, Built in Contact Form.

Please do upgrade your BBE – powered Sites – if you want to still be able to get new Components and Themes.

The reason behind this: like many people relying on the WordPress JSON API v2, we’ve been bothered by some breaking changes to the WordPress core. Don’t worry, this will not affect you in any way, just upgrade and you’ll be fine!

Upgrading notes

As usual, upgrading is fast and easy, but it’s manual procedure.

Just delete the old BBE theme, and upload the brand new version. You can do this by FTP, or from the wp-admin, as you wish.

You can get the Theme from our Homepage as usual.


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